Kegerators: The Only Guide You Will Need.

Kegerators: The Only Guide You Will Need.
If you are new to using a home base keg system, it can feel overwhelming. However, Kegging has many advantages vs. running to the store for another six-pack or even bottling your brew. When you use a keg, you get a fresher cleaner taste than bottled beer. This is because the air doesn't impact the beer. The CO2 in the keg displaces the air and acts as a nice layer of protection between your beer and flavor killing air.
In addition to a better tasting beer, kegged beer is ready quicker because of the delivery of CO2 so that you can drink your favorite beer sooner.

Speaking of Kegs: What you will need.

At Kegs and Coolers we sell some of the most excellent set-ups you can buy. Having a proper system ensures you have a reliable delivery system for your brew. If you really want to get going quick try buying one of our set-ups that include the CO2 tank. Once the order is delivered, you will need to get the tank filled, but there is a drawback, while you will have the whole system filling tanks vs. swapping can be more expensive so check local refill/exchange prices to ensure you get the best value for your situation.

Item 1: The Keg
Since we don't brew your beer, you will need to acquire the keg and actual homebrew kit locally.
Item 2: CO2 Tank
We can help with the CO2 tank. We sell full kits that have the CO2 with them. You can also, pick them up at a local hardware or brewing store near you.

If you wind up purchasing an empty tank and having it filled, check the Department of Transportation (DOT) certification stamp. Tanks need to be re-certified by hydrostatic testing every five years. If you are exchanging tanks, you won’t have to worry about having this done.

Item 3: Regulator
We got you!
Item 4: Beer Tap
Included in our one, two and three tap systems
Item 5: Refrigerator:
Did we mentioned we sell full kegerator systems from some of the best brands in the industry???

Once you have brewed your beer, use one of our systems to sit back and enjoy a cold one on us!